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Infusion Plus Consultants welcomes your interest in the alternate site/home infusion industry.


The Industry has evolved from the early 1980’s and continues to evolve in ways that were not anticipated in the initial stages.

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The current state of the art is that our industry is impacted by the constantly changing world of reimbursement and ever-increasing regulation of operations to meet federal, state and local standards.

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Our goal at Infusion Plus Consultants is to assist our clients in making sense of this ever-changing industry and enable them to navigate the waters to a successful and profitable outcome.

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The Home Infusion market is projected to top $28 Billion by 2023. Antimicrobials are projected to comprise 25% of the total. This is fueled in part by the rise in the geriatric population, increasing incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, and newer therapies that are enabled in the home using new technology and pharmaceuticals.

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The Specialty Drug Market is growing at a rapid pace. This is in part due to the increase of chronic disease in the population, the evolution of the industry to meet the need and the reimbursement system in which efficiencies are found through these channels of distribution.

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